GJYC8H Self-Suppored Tight Buffer Aramid Yarn Fig8 Drop Cable

The cable consists of individually color coded 900µm secondary coated fibers reinforced with aramid yarns and covered with UV and flame resistant LSZH jacket.The cable cross section is fig 8 made with a steel wire strength member

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Product Construction:

Fiber: 1-12fibers
900µm colored fiber
Messenger Member: Steel wire or Non-metallic member
Strength Member: Aramid Yarn
Outer Jacket:  UV and Flame resistant LSZH

Good UV and flame resistant.
Compact, soft, flexible, easy to install.
Fig8 self-supporting design.

Used in access network access cable from outdoor and indoor in customer premises network.
Used as access building cable in premises distribution system, especially used in indoor outdoor aerial access cabling.