GYFXTY-FG Uni-Loose Tube All Dielectric Round Drop Cable

GYFXTY-FG Uni-Tube All Dielectric Aerial Drop cable is specifcally designed for Fiber-to-the Subscriber applications. It is a round, all dielectric cable ideally suited for self-supporting drop type installations as well as in lashed or conduit builds. The overall glass yarn strength member is used for additional mechanical protection. Two embedded FRP member to enhance tensile resistant.

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Product Construction:

Fiber: 2-24fibers
250µm colored fiber
Two Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) 
Strength member: Glass yarn 
Outer Jacket: Black UV and waterproof polyethylene (PE).

All dielectric structure.
Uni-tube gel-filled construction for superior fiber protection.
Embedded FRP member provide high tensile strength.
Overall fiberglass reinforce yarn provide additional tensile strength.
UV and waterproof design.

Inter building voice or data communication.
Aerial installation.
FTTx, access.