GJFJV Simplex Patch Cord Cable

GJFJV indoor fiber optic cable is made by evenly applying strands of Aramid yarns as the strength member over ф900μm or ф600μm tight buffer fibers and then is completed with PVC(LSZH)jacket.

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Product Construction:

Fiber: 1 fibers simplex

900um tight buffer

Strength Member: Kevlar yarns

Outer Jacket:
Thermoplastic urethane or UV and Flame resistant LSZH jacket/ PVC


High-integrated colored bare fiber design.

Aramid yarn as strength member making cable have excellent tensile strength performance.

The outer jacket material has many advantages such as anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, flame-retardant and harmless to environment etc.


Indoor any purpose cable distribution.

Backbone distribution cable in a building.

Access building, FTTx.