GJJKAV Armored Tight Buffer Simplex/Duplex Drop Cable

Simplex, duplex indoor armored cable is composed by SUS flexible tube, Kevlar strengthening member and outer jacket. With excellent mechanical performance of tensile strength and crush resistance, the cable is the ideal choice of cabling, processing patch cord, LAN and other communication applications.

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Product Construction:

Fiber: 1-2 fibers
900µm colored fiber
Strength member: Aramid Yarn
Armor: SUS Spring Armored
Outer Jacket: Flame resistant LSZH

Mini diameter SUS spring tube reinforced ensures good crush resistance.
Dupon Kevlar strengthened provide good tensile strength.
Outer jacket complies with UL, RoHS
Light, flexible and easy to bend.

Process to armored patch cord.
Cabling on wall, ceil, tube, case, etc.
Cabling on outer wall, between building, etc.