GJFJBV-2 Duplex Patch Cord Cable

Duplex Zipcord (GJFJBV) Interconnect cable use 900um or 600um tight buffer fiber as optical communication medium , the tight buffer fiber weapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member units ,and the cable is completed with figure 8 PVC or LSZH (low smoke ,Zero Halogen, Flame-retardant) jacket.

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Product Construction:

Fiber: 2fibers duplex
900um color coated fiber.
Cable diameter: 2.0mm*2 or 3.0mm*2 
Strength Member: Kevlar yarn.
Outer Jacket: UV and flame resistant LSZH

1. Tight buffer fiber easy of stripping.
2. Tight buffer fiber have excellent flame-retardant performance.
3. Aramid yarn as strength member make cable have excellent tensile strength.
4. The outer jacket material have many advantages such as anti-corrosion, anti-water, anti-ultraviolet radiation, flame-retardant and harmless to environment etc.

Used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor
in customer premises .
Used as access building cable in premises distribution system,
especially  where request narrow space.