Metal Cabinet

The 19 inch network cabinet is applied to computer network integrated engineering, building wiring, telecommunications, radio and sound engineering, securities, finance, intelligent community, school, government and other economic and large and medium-sized wiring projects. The equipment can be used to place active and passive devices such as switches, routers, servers, 19 inch optical fiber terminal boxes, etc.

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Features :

l There is fan installed on the top, which can effectively cool down the cabinet and remove dust.
l At the top and bottom, there is an access line to facilitate wiring.
l The front and rear six corners mesh hole door, convenient equipment convection cooling, the heat 
dissipation ventilation rate achieves 75%, will not cause the equipment because of the heat 
dissipation problem to affect the normal operation.
l The column is marked with U degrees, convenient for installation of equipment
l The bottom is equipped with casters, which can be rotated at 360 °to facilitate cabinet movement.
l Security lock device to ensure the safety of the equipment
l Use of high quality cold rolling plate, anti static spraying

l Telecommunication subscriber loop
l Fiber to the home(FTTH)