Outdoor SMC Cabinet

GXF5-266 series optical cross-connection cabinet has SMC case, fixing elements of the case frame, cable fixing and protective device, direct welding module, terminal module integrating welding and distributing, wiring duct and tail optical fiber coiling device. The distribution box is suitable for the connection, distribution and dispatching of outdoor link fiber cable and optical distribution cable.

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Features :

1. Large capacity: the maximum distribution capacity is144-cores four types of optical fiber cables, and the capacity of direct welding is single.
2. The cabinet adopts special high-strength corrosion-resistant materials, has good waterproof, anti-condensing, moisture resistance properties, and can stand various adverse effects caused by climate and environment.
3. The cabinet is equipped with horizontal wiring duct, and makes the optical cable layout more reasonable and tidy.
4. Adopts the terminal tray integrating welding and distributing. Welding and distributing are performed at the same level, which makes the operation convenient, reduces the length of ribbon tail fiber and lowers the cost.
5. The terminal module adopts the horizontal draw-out structure with 12 cores as a unit, each core can be drawn out separately, which makes it convenient to operate in distributing, and reduces the number of bends arising from the distributing of tail fiber.
6. The optical fiber splitter is structurally reasonable, the optical fiber cable core is sheathed with sleeve, and the fixing, grounding and other operation on optical fiber cable can be performed, without removing the optical fiber splitter.


The optical fiber access network provides fiber optic cable termination and jumper connection for the backbone layer optical cable and the distribution layer optical cable.