GYXTW Uni-Loose Tube CST Armor Optical Cable

Armored Uni-Tube Single Jacket/Single Armor fiber optic cable with fibers placed in loose buffer tube. The cable core is protected with a corrugated steel tape armor and cover with a black polyethylene outjacket. Two embedded steel wire provide desire tension.

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Product Construction:
Fiber: 2-24 fibers
Uni-loose tube gel-filled
Armor: Corrugated steel tape
Strength Member: Embedded steel wire
Outer Jacket: Black UV-and moisture-resistant polyethylene (PE).

Uni-tube gel-filled construction for superior fiber protection.
CST armored protect cable from rodent attack and mechanical damage.
Embedded steel wire provide desirable tensile strength and crush resistance.
Compact, easy to install. UV and moisture-resistant design.

Interbuilding voice or data communication.
Installed in duct, underground conduit, direct burial. FTTx.