GYTC8S Fig8 Self-supported Multi Loose Tube Armored Optical Cable

Self-supported figure 8 optical cable with fibers placed in jelly filled loose buffer tube stranded around dielectric central member. The cable core is protected with jelly or waterblocking material to prevent water intrusion and migration, protected with a corrugated steel tape armor. All whole unit and galvanized steel messenger are covered with black polyethylene outer jacket.

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Product Construction

Messenger: steel wire or steel strand
Steel tape armored
Jacket: Black UV and waterproof polyethylene (PE).

·Good mechanical and temperature performance
·High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
·Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
·Specially designed compact structure is good at preventing loose tubes from shrinkin
·PE sheath protects cable from ultraviolet radiation
·Good crush tolerance, applies for aerial installation

Backbones and Access.
Installed aerially.