The distribution seal is used for the terminal link of FTTH access system, especially for pole position and wall mounting applications. In optical fiber transmission network, the distribution box of frequency divider is the ideal equipment between optical nodes and terminals. It has optical fiber storage, division and distribution functions. It is divided into external types.

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Features and Advantages
Suitable for straight-through,diverging and connection of FTTH,FTTB all kinds of optical communication passive network. 
Small core Horizontal fiber optic splice closure 6-6
Use material of high-strength PC synthetic plastic, PP synthetic plastics, high-quality stainless steel. 
Shell thickness≥4mm. enhanced insulation and heat resistance Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, excellent flame resistance and long working life. Heat-shrinkable seal and sticky cincture seal. 
Repeatedly reuse, be able to expand capabilities, convenient to construct and install, good sealing.