D5817 FOSC (Fiber Optic Splice Closure) series offer a unique solution for big capacity solution for deployment of fiber to the home. 5817 FOSC series of dome closure is a family product line, available in three sizes: the 5817-A, 5817-B and 5817-C. 
All sizes are designed for use with comment cable construction (loose buffer tube, loose fiber), in any environmental(aerial, pedestal, buried, handhole, manhole). 
The D5817-B closure is the middle in the 5817 FOSC series which provide max capacity up to 360f.

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Made of modified engineering plastic with high strength, anti impact and anti corrosion.
Cable diameter: 1 uncut port meet φ 10 ~ 25mm cable; 4 branch ports meet φ 14 ~ 22mm cable;12 branch ports meet φ8~16mm cable
Product capacity: Single fiber max capacity is up to 360f, each tray support 12f or 6f
Installation method: Suitable for direct buried, aerial, pole,pipeline,manhole, etc.
Sealing mode: heat shrink seal is adopted for cable ports, with protection grade of IP68.
3 types of splice trays are available for selection, including 12f tray, 6f tray and splitter tray