FTTH Drop Cable Mechanical Splicer

FTTH Drop Cable Mechanical Splicer take a global leading submicron processing technology, Use core component of high accuracy V groove provide high alignment.

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Mechanical Splice(MS) is recommended for indoor, outdoor through and branch splicing, transition splicing between listed and non-listed cables, pigtail splicing and is ideal for emergency restoration. Incorporating a unique fiber alignment mechanism that self-centers the fibers and provides accurate alignment, MS requires minimal training and few accessories to assemble. In Average“blind”(non-tuned) splice loss is 0.15 dB to 0.3 dB. The one-part-fits-all design accommodates 3.1 x 2.0 mm Drop cable. With no adhesive or epoxy required, the assembly process involves stripping and cleaving fibers, inserting the fibers into the splice part until they touch and turning the cams to secure the fibers. No special tools or polishing is required, although an optional assembly fixture is recommended and a self-contained tool kit is also available.