ADSS Single Jacket All Dielectric Self Supported Aerial Cable

ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cable is ideal for installation in distribution as well as transmission environments, even when live-line installations are required. As its name indicates, there is no support or messenger wire required, so installation is achieved in a single pass, making ADSS an economical and simple means of achieving a fiber optic network. Headway manufactures its own line of attachment hardware as well as supplies formed wire fittings when preferred.

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Product Construction

Fiber:250µm colored fiber 2-288fibers
Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
Aramid yarn strength member
Outer Jacket: Black UV and waterproof polyethylene (PE)

All dielectric structure Up to 288 fibers.
Loose tube gel-filled construction for superior fiber protection.
Overall, fiberglass reinforced yarn provides high tensile strength.

Inter building voice or data communication backbones.
Installed as aerial/lashed, ducts, underground conduits.